Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Why revise when you can procrastinate!

Procrastinating is one off my biggest "hobbies" at university, although I have done a lot less since leaving college as I have found obviously there is a lot more work to do, as well as me paying £8500 in tuition fee's I can't be wasting all my time!

I find myself doing many different things, from cleaning my room when a coursework hand in is due, or watching countless episodes of TV programmes, which I would say is very enjoyable, and would recommend it to anyone who does not have revision or coursework to be done (oops!). Breaking Bad, Prison Break, Revolution, Family Guy, South Park, Game of Thrones and many other series', not mentioning the large array of movies that I've watched have been one of my major downfalls at university.
Even now, I have 3 exams all within then next 10 days, and I'm sat writing on my blogger, what's that all about?
 Anyhow, revision has finally started, and as you maybe able to tell its not going that well! Although I've made notes on nearly every topic for one of my exams I'm still struggling to get my head around it, and the other two....well don't even get me started!Truthfully, I'm not a revision kind of guy, I've always just turned up to the exam and hoped for the best, but at university its plain and simple, don't revise, don't pass, so there is my dilemma!

Anyway's a pretty pointless post, just me finding something else to do other than revision, but yeah, i problies most likely wont be making another decent post for the next week or so just until my exams are over, then my summer holidays will be here and I'll finally be able to get this blog up and running.

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