Sunday, 10 November 2013

Advertisements of the week - John Lewis & Marks and Spencers

Coming into the winter months, and just over a month to go till Christmas, I'm sure this will be one of many adverts of the week that includes a Christmas theme!

This week's Advertisements of the week come from two well known UK retailers; M&S and John Lewis!

John Lewis - The Bear and the Hare

First we will start with the John Lewis Bear and the Hare advert. This advert focus' on an emotional message, using a short cartoon that pictures a hare introducing a bear to his very first Christmas, as he had hibernated through it every other year! :)

BUT the story doesn't end their, as well as being broadcast on TV, the advertisement is also online, and John Lewis have made it interactive! The option allows you to continue the story, which you can do here!

This very cute advert ends with a small message, "Give someone a Christmas they'll never forget", now who wouldn't want to do that for a loved one :) !

M&S - Alice in Wonderland

The second advert that caught my eye this week is the M&S advert. Fairly similar to the John Lewis advert, with a slight story being the advertisement. M&S use the well known Alice in Wonderland theme, where the main character falls down a rabbit hole into a "Magic and Sparkle" wonderland.

This advert, unlike the John Lewis one, promotes some of the season collection available at M&S this holiday season, and with several well known actors being included in this high budget promotional video, I can clearly say they've created a memorable advert which will catch your eye with ease!

Now I apologise for blogging about these adverts as i'm sure they will get you into the Christmas Mood!
Kyle :) !

Ohhh and one more thing.....Still waiting to see that Coca-Cola ad if you know what I mean!!


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