Thursday, 27 June 2013

A certain lack of marketing blogs?

A sort of off-topic blogpost right here, sort of related to marketing I guess, more off a focus on "Marketing Blogs".

After blogging for not very long, I've made very little progression, although personally I think my posts have became a bit more detailed, as well as more interesting posts. But the problem  is the lack of blogs similar to this one ... Where are they all?

I've stumbled across a few which you will be able to find on my profile in the "reading list" ( but other than the very few I've found, nothing at all is creeping up.

I've seen thousands of Fashion blog's and Lifestyle blog's which must be the "in" thing, so I don't know whether Marketing blogs, especially from a students perspective are a sort of "niche" market, with very few of us.

Why is that? Why are there so little marketing students blogging about such topics, it maybe seen as the norm in several years time because of the increasing number of large corporations that use blogs to promote/comment on their products, meaning that young marketers like myself will need the skills and knowledge to create/manage a successful blog.

So... What can I do to find more Marketing blogs, that is the question! Feel free to comment below on anyways to find similar blog's, any advice would be much appreciated :)

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  1. Totally agree! Surprisingly few marketing blogs from marketing students! I am absolutely sure that in a few years a marketing student without a blog will be equivalent to a computer student without a computer.