Thursday, 11 July 2013

CIM, A.G Barr

After pondering the question of "What company I should use for my CIM coursework" I finally broke it down to several different companies... Microsoft, EA being a few, I finally realised that it had been screaming out on my blog page for weeks, "A.G BARR" of course!!!

As well as their quirky marketing tools, one of the main reasons for choosing A.G Barr was the diversity in the customer behaviours between their Scottish and English customers ( one of the modules looks at customer buying habits).

Although Barr's most popular drink, IRN BRU, quenches the thirst of so many Scottish people, it seems that  although a rise in sales in the English market, they still cant be as competitive in England as they are north of the border.

IRN BRU was once, if not still sold in some McDonalds in Scotland, and was the only Non-Coca-Cola product to be sold in their restaurants.

Apart from the Middle East, Scotland is the only other place where Coca-Cola is not the #1 selling soft drink, and yes you guessed it, the gingery taste we all so love (well not all of us, but a lot of us :P) IRN BRU is the top seller, Irn-Bru has dominated the Scottish market for over 100 years and is the #3 selling soft drink in the UK.

So yeah, that was my decision, it took me far too long too make but I got there in the end. The modules that I'll be completing are based upon time management (already failed that), Direct Marketing & Comms, Buyer Behaviour and conflict in the workforce (ALL BASED ON CUSTOMER BEHAVIOURS), although i wont be directly blogging about my actual coursework, any interesting facts, tips, skills I pick up on you will be sure too see in a future blog post.

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