Saturday, 28 September 2013

Quick Update, time to get this Blog rolling!

Haven't posted in a very long time, had so much work to do with the CIM, but now going into my second year of university , once again I've found myself some spare time!

From now on hopefully I'll be posting several articles a week on my new course subjects, marketing related subjects and also hopefully my progression through the application process for a year placement that I will hopefully (fingers crossed) be completing after I have completed my second year!

One of my subjects this year, Integrated Marketing Communications, will also involve me having to write three blog posts as part of the personal development section of the subject. These will probables be posted onto a different blog if it requires, and therefore  I will link or copy that article also onto my main blog! If not then I'm sure you will be seeing them fairly soon :)

So yeah... keep checking back to see more frequent posts (which will hopefully be interesting!)

Kyle !

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