Saturday, 22 February 2014

Advert of the week - Nolan's Cheddar

Yet another advert that has caught my eye because of the way they have used an emotional approach - something which is a big factor when advertising to people my age (under 30's).
Nolan's Cheddar, a cheese company in the UK came up with this little witty  video which shows their cheese giving the mouse the strength to not only survive the mouse trap BUT use it as an exercise tool as well.

Now not all of this video is so happy, as the shock factor is put into you the first time you watch the advert when the mouse is crushed by the trap, but the concept that Nolans Cheddar is "the strongest cheddar" gives the mouse the strength to power through. Used with the Rocky theme, you know you'll enjoy this short, award winning advert

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Cheers guys!


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