Thursday, 20 February 2014

Tools of the trade

Since October my smartphone broke and i was lost without it. Replacing my what was xperia play (a very fun handset) with my mum's old phone, I was unable to tweet/blog/Fb/LinkedIn on the go, as well as having to be at my desk to check emails and of the worst few months of my life.
Ok maybe a bit of an exaggeration!  But now my worries are gone, my problems are solved and my new smart phone is right in my hand, heck I'm even writing this blog post via it.

What handset is it you ask? An iPhone? 

Ohhhh no! Always have and probably always will avoid apple products,  I'm more of a "do what you like with your OWN device" kind of guy,  rather than being stuck in the corporate apple cage.

Sooo my decision,  after a long and hard think was the 4G enabled Samsung Galaxy S4,  - may I say what a sophisticated  not so little piece of equipment!!!

This beast of a phone has the crispest quality photos for your everyday blogging/Instagraming/tweeting/snap chatting needs as well as allowing you to function all of your marketing tools as fast as you could say " Samsung go to.....".
The slogan for this product is "life companion" and Samsung weren't wrong! ! This phone has literally improved my way of life for the better!

So the question is, are we dependant on technology like this? Personally I think that we are...and not just a little bit either!

Things such as social media controls our lives aswell as being a very strong tool for any company whether they are marketing driven or not.

So do you feel affected by new technology such as Smart Phones? Are you a fellow androider or an apple fan? 

Comment below and let me know!

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